Watch an hour of gameplay Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is a royal battle that can be done on the engine of the original Warzone. Players are waiting for huge fights in the first person, trials in the Gulag for a chance to resurrect and excellent graphics by the standards of smartphones. A maximum of 150 players can fight on one map, plus there is voice chat; perhaps it is limited to a squad. If you want a real action and a chance of survival, then you can make a tackle while running. I also like that the developers took care of the campers: shooting in the head from a long distance is a pleasure.

Since there are a lot of buildings in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, there are elements of vertical gameplay. For example, a player can climb a ladder to the roof of a building and escape from there. Probably, in Warzone there will be no division into Operatives with different skills; the maximum that we will get is a difference in basic characteristics.

In Warzone Mobile, there is already a transport that overcomes almost any obstacles, but due to the long loading of textures, you can fly into an invisible wall, which then turns out to be a stack of wood. Well, do not think that hiding you will be able to sit out the most action — the enemy squad can conduct reconnaissance and detect your location thanks to high-tech technologies. To deal with the enemy, you will have a blind and ordinary grenade.

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