The Division Resurgence beta test will take place this summer, so sign up now

The Division Resurgence can be tried during the beta test, which will take place in the summer. The developers from Ubisoft have not announced the exact date, so the framework – from June to August. We expect that the game will be played on iOS and Android, and the number of players will be much higher than in the past.

For now, players of The Division Resurgence can make a pre-order through the official site (iOS) or Google Play. This will allow not only to visit the beta test, but also to get a skin of the Operative after the opening of the servers.

The Division Resurgence Beta Test Will Take Place This Summer So Sign Up Now

The Division Resurgence offers elements from MMOs, shooters, and RPGs. This means that players collect rare equipment and create a unique build. The developers say they’ve made a story that unites the first and second The Division.

Players will get a taste of the new story and will also see new factions in The Division Resurgence. The project will offer an open world divided into zones; some of them are purely for PvP and different levels, so pumping and farming resources is a big part of the game.

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