First gameplay of Project C, an Escape from Tarkov-type shooter

Insider DannyINTEL has shared gameplay of Project C. This is another shooter game from Tencent Mobile that has a ZBT in China. From the gameplay and buttons, you might think it’s just a re-skin of Arena Breakout. But it’s not.

You see, in Project C, each Operative is not only different in appearance, but also has a unique skill. Because of that, insiders compare Project C to Escape from Tarkov and Apex Legends. But don’t expect anything futuristic and unusual. For example, one Operative can speed up his running for a while.

Project C has problems with drawing objects. Because of this they can appear in front of your eyes; also present visual artifacts, but they are rare. It is gratifying that the player can switch between guns, and with the awnings you can shoot missiles at all.

In Project C on the map there are bots. Perhaps they are not even bots, but hostile NPC mercenaries. By the way, in this mobile game, although the average maps, but they are very diverse – the typical houses from Arena Breakout change into oriental palaces with several floors. It even makes you think of Prince of Persia.

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