Red Dead Redemption on Android – 25 FPS, blue faces and the trippy Wild West

An enthusiast has launched Red Dead Redemption on Realme GT 5G. It’s playable, but you should wait for patches.

Red Dead Redemption was released on Nintendo Switch the other day, and this allowed to run RDR on Android smartphones via Yuzu, EGG NS and Skyline emulators.

Thus, YouTube has already started to show videos of recorded Red Dead Redemption gameplay on Realme GT 5G via Skyline emulator. On average, the game produces 25 FPS, but there are also 30 frames. Youtuber points out that there are graphical artifacts on Yuzu. In the comments the author of the video proves that Red Dead Redemption produces more FPS on EGG NS emulator.

Of the obvious disadvantages of running Red Dead Redemption on Android – blue faces and bodies of heroes. There are also visual artifacts when riding a horse through the open world.


Glad that there are no audio artifacts. I also advise you to try this game on different emulators and smartphones.

For RDR, the Youtuber used the Skyline Edge 69. He also says that the game will deliver 20 to 25 frames on the Snapdragon 855 chipset.

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