The post-apocalyptic action game Ground Zero has been released worldwide

Ground Zero is a mobile action game with an isometric gameplay. In January, we reported that the game appeared on Android in Southeast Asia. Now it has been released all over the world. The developers also added a small trailer with gameplay and heavy music.

According to the plot of Ground Zero, local militants caused a nuclear war that devastated the world and turned people into zombies. Interestingly, the dead are used to take over the apocalyptic world. It remains to rely on the last survivors.

Ground Zero players will collect resources to create the necessary items. Their list includes:


Gradually, gamers will be able to create and even expand the shelter. It is used as a hub and a place where you can get new jobs. Players are promised simple controls and an exciting plot. We expect that the focus in Ground Zero is on collecting rare fighters and their synergy in missions. Well, the cherry on the cake is the opportunity to ride a tank.

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