Released on smartphones, Papers, Please is a premium game

A mobile version of Papers, Please is now available. Papers, Please is a legendary game about a border guard who receives complicated orders from his superiors to let or not to let certain people through. You have to get through some time without losing your place or your relatives because of the small salary, lack of heating, medicine and food. In general, it is interesting that you see relatives only in the form of names, but strangers stand as alive and tearfully beg to be let in. But there will be a fine for this or you will be the cause of a terrorist attack.

Papers, Please took a long time to get to smartphones. Initially it was only launched on iPad, now you can play and on mobile. Since its launch the game has become a cult, they even made a short film based on it, and the phrase “Glory to Arstotzka!” became a meme and a mirror of the local anti-utopian world, where bureaucracy and orders from above mean more than people’s lives.

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