Fortnite is waiting for a collaboration with Star Wars in season 2

Epic Games continues to do a ton of Fortnite collaborations with major franchises, including Marvel and Attack on the Titans. Now an insider Shiina reported that the players are waiting for a collapse with Star Wars in the second season.

This time Fortnite players will not only be able to use lightsabers, but also Jedi power. Perhaps this is a hint of the presence of both Jedi and Sith among the new skins: the former will repel or attract enemies, and the latter will lift them into the air and suffocate them.

Shiina insider has confirmed at least 2 new skins from Star Wars that will be released in Chapter 4 of Season 2. iForeMonkey Liquor was able to confirm 3 skins for holograms:

  • A male character codenamed Cirrus Vine;
  • Another male hero under the code Plot Twist;
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (old skin).

It is noted that these characters are associated with a fault in the Fortnite space. Perhaps they will be harbingers of impending trouble on the local world. Meanwhile, players are hoping for the introduction of meme phrases from Star Wars.

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