Football Manager 2022 Mobile release date announced

Publisher SEGA has announced Football Manager 2022. This applies to both major platforms, as well as mobile, which will get a separate version. The release will be in early November, and we will know more information at the end of September.

SEGA will launch a new season of Football Manager 2022. For this even made a stylish official website indicating the different platforms. So, the version for smartphones, PC and consoles will be released on November 9. So far, pre-orders on the App Store and Google Play are not open, the pages will be added in mid-October.

As for the details of the new season, SEGA will announce it by the end of September. We are waiting for improved graphics, updated lineups and improved physics. The fact is that Konami is going to make a breakthrough in soccer with eFootball 2022: it will be a single version for all popular platforms, but not from the release. Still, SEGA and Electronic Arts (FIFA) have to try harder, especially the former publisher, because FM 22 will have to pay it forward. But if you like more serious soccer, it makes sense to wait for more details.

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