Call of Duty Mobile Coming Soon for Season 11 «Final Snow»

Call of Duty Mobile is gearing up for a final season called Final Snow. The developers promise a new map “Icebreaker”, which first appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The fighters will fight among submarines and icebergs, and they will also have the opportunity to swim for the first time. In addition, the “Siege of the Undead” mode will return to the game with updated rewards and the Nightmare difficulty mode. Matches will last longer and the dead will become more deadly.

One big news for content creators is the Creator Club beta, which allows Activision to partner with the gaming community and integrate their creations into the game. Also, the developers will add the online mode “Snowball fight”. The rules are as follows – mysterious boxes with snowballs appear on the map randomly, which act as weapons. The more points you earn, the more skins you will unlock.

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