Battlefield Mobile will alpha test in new regions and probably launch in 2022

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced plans for Battlefield Mobile. This mobile shooter will enter the testing stage at the end of May.

Battlefield Mobile is a new project for smartphones, for which there have already been two alpha tests. If you did not have enough or could not participate, “very soon” there will be another test. After the feedback the developers will be able to call the exact release date, but for now their plan is the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Battlefield Mobile Will Alpha Test In New Regions And Probably Launch In 2022

The new version of Battlefield Mobile will have two new maps – Halley and Antelope. Battlefield fans have already seen the first one, and the second one was made from scratch for the mobile version. As for the guns, here’s their list:

  • G3A3 assault rifle;
  • AK74u submachine gun;
  • Another M4 rifle;
  • And another one, the G36;
  • SKS;
  • M249;
  • SAW;
  • M1911 pistol.

It’s also worth waiting for new modes, one of which is Rush. For a long time it was one of the pillars of the franchise, but in January the mode was removed from Portal Battlefield 2042.

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