AnTuTu users named the optimal amount of memory for a smartphone

AnTuTu published statistics on the preferences of users of the benchmark in terms of smartphone memory. Its results summarize the results of 2022, and demonstrate the significantly increased popularity of “flagship” characteristics.


In the survey about the preferred amount of RAM decreased the number of votes at the end of the year showed all options except 12 GB. The desire to buy a smartphone with this amount of RAM was declared by 2.5% more users than in the third quarter of 2022. At the same time the majority of votes (41.2%) received the answer option “8 GB”, which was chosen by 41.2% of respondents.


In the survey on the amount of internal memory the maximum figure also shows growth: the value of 512 GB was approved by 11% of the total number of respondents. At the same time, compared to the previous quarter, the number of votes for variants with 128GB and 256GB drives decreased. The latter, however, is still the most popular (55.2%). It is possible that this year smartphone manufacturers will take into account the “popular” trend and offer more models with expanded storage capacity.

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