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Date 24.05.2023
App Name XENNA
Latest Version v0.7.1.7 b9
Genre Strategy
Developer NFT STARS
OS Version Android 7.1+
Package name com.CyberGames.Xenna
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XENNA – real-time strategy (RTS) for android. The gameplay is based on the development of its base and the creation of a bunch of robot mechs that attack enemy buildings. The game is not like Warcraft III or Iron Marines. Instead, the game tries to be something else, sometimes incomprehensible. As you progress, players will develop the abilities of their mechs, as well as pump them. Since XENNA is an RTS, players must point with their fingers where the robots go. The developers promise different maps, in each of them you need to use the environment to your advantage.

Interestingly, the creators of XENNA drew inspiration not only from strategies, but also from royal battles. This means that there is no story campaign, and all the emphasis is on PvP and multiplayer. In addition to attacking enemy bases, you also need to protect your own. There are about 4 types of buildings in the game:

  • Production towers create robots and make up for losses;
  • Power plants increase unit stats;
  • Traps allow you to catch the enemy by surprise.
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