UpdatedAugust 30, 2022
Latest Versionv2.1.2
GenreRole Playing
OS VersionAndroid 4.2+
Package namecom.square_enix.android_googleplay.chrono
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CHRONO TRIGGER – a classic Japanese RPG released by Square Co in 1995. The project became very popular, as a result of which it was re-released on a number of gaming and mobile platforms, which also includes Android. The player is given control of a squad of 3 characters. Each team member performs a separate role in combat, completing quests and exploring the fantasy world.

The main character named Chrono lives with his mother in the kingdom of Gardia. A local fair brings the character together with a princess, who suggests that the guy travel together. As a result, the newly minted friends agree to test the teleport created by Chrono’s girlfriend. The process of moving was unsuccessful, which is why travelers are thrown back to the Middle Ages, the times of antiquity and even the future. The interweaving of events and people contributes to the failure of the teleport. And the task of the main characters is to fix the device and return to their world. Along the way, Chrono, Marl and Lucca are joined by partners who help in a particular time period. Because of the constant movements, each choice of Chrono affects the consequences in the future. Some of the decisions affect the development of the plot in the sequel Chrono Cross.

Features of the game

Since Chrono Trigger runs on a 2D engine, it can be run even on weak Android devices. Objects, characters, weapons, and opponents are represented as pixel images. In the mobile version, the characters move around the locations using a virtual stick. The combat system is also borrowed from classic JRPGs. The battles are presented in the form of step-by-step actions on each side. The player can predict the steps of a computer opponent, combine the skills of the squad to achieve greater effect. You can stumble upon a battle not only through plot tasks, but also when exploring the open world.
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