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App NameHelltaker
Latest Versionv1.1 b2 - XYF9D4758
OS VersionAndroid 4.4+

Helltaker – you will have to play as an Adbiratel, who must collect the demoness to fulfill his dream. Along the way, you will have to solve logical puzzles, overcome obstacles and bypass traps. Unusual two-dimensional graphics and interesting mazes will keep the attention of players for a long time.

Description and plot

The hero finds himself in a hellish dungeon, where he needs to complete 10 original levels. The player will have to explore certain locations with various obstacles. Helltacker uses standard game mechanics typical of most turn-based strategies. The player must be resourceful in battle: battles are accompanied by solving fascinating puzzles. A carefully thought-out combination of steps and punches will lead the hero to success.

During the passage, the user will communicate with the girls, because the dialogues direct the plot. The player will have to choose different answers, each of which has certain consequences. A good choice of a replica will help you pass the intricate mazes and win the attention of the demon girl. The gameplay is also complicated by collecting runes, which will be required for interactions with the pentagram in the final part of the game.

It is also worth paying attention to other obstacles: for example, spikes or stones. To overcome them, the Administrator needs units of will, which have a limited supply and are spent when performing various actions. Moving stones takes 1 unit, and walking on spikes takes 2 units. Also in the game there are skeletons that can be destroyed, and closed doors that prevent you from getting to another level. If the will ends, the hero is destroyed by a bright ray of light, and the level begins anew.

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