Flex Run 3D

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Date 8.07.2024
App Name Flex Run 3D
Latest Version v1.18.0
Genre Casual
Developer VOODOO
OS Version Android 5.0+
Package name com.bluemonkeystudio.flexiblerun
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Flex Run 3D – is a dynamic parkour game where players control characters navigating through various obstacles and traps, collecting gold coins and power-ups to achieve higher scores. By moving left, right, and jumping, players avoid obstacles, and can use special skills to break through barriers and run faster. As the game progresses, increasing difficulty requires players to continually enhance their reaction speed and skills.

Game Features:

  • 3D Visual Effects: High-definition 3D graphics and realistic scene designs provide an immersive running experience.
  • Varied Obstacles and Props: The game includes a range of obstacles and power-ups, requiring players to devise different strategies for each situation.
  • Special Skills: Players can utilize special skills to overcome obstacles and increase their speed, adding an extra layer of fun and challenge.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Players must choose strategies based on road conditions and the placement of power-ups, enhancing the game’s challenge.
  • Leaderboard and Achievements: Compete with others through a leaderboard and achievement system, boosting interactivity and enjoyment.
  • Player Goals: Run as far as possible, collect coins and power-ups, avoid obstacles, and aim for high scores and rewards while competing with other players.
  • Suitable for Gamers: Flex Run 3D is perfect for those who enjoy sports and parkour games, as well as players who love challenges, excitement, and competition.
Flex Run 3D
Flex Run 3D
Flex Run 3D
Flex Run 3D
Flex Run 3D
Flex Run 3D
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