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UpdatedAugust 2, 2022
App NameSneaky Sasquatch
DeveloperRAC7 Games
OS VersionAndroid 5.0

Sneaky Sasquatch – the player will be able to try on the life of a bigfoot by doing the usual things for the Yeti.

Taking over the management of the main character – an unpretentious and unkempt yeti, you will be able to experience the everyday life of a snowman who wants to get acquainted with the world of people with special interest.

For example, your hero will be able to visit a human camp dressed in human clothes. Go fishing on the river or play golf on the course. However, not everything is so simple, because the yeti will be pursued by a park ranger who is not averse to catching your character. The game developers continued to fantasize and allowed the yeti to penetrate into the human environment, where he can:

drive a car by passing the driving test first;
head a large corporation;
find buried treasures.

Presenting a humorous project, the Sneaky Sasquatch game will allow you not only to test your survival skills, but also to enjoy the comic situations that the main character regularly gets into.

At the moment, only users of iOS devices will be able to play Sneaky Sasquatch, because the working version for Android is not yet available.

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