Carrots and Cream

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Date 8.07.2024
App Name Carrots and Cream
Latest Version v1.1
Genre Adventure
Developer Aergia
OS Version Android 2.3+
Package name dk.aergia.carrotscream
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Carrots and Cream – this is a unique and atmospheric horror game that takes you into a sinister world where the usual carrot picking turns into a real waking nightmare. You find yourself on a mysterious farm, shrouded in darkness and riddled with a sense of anxiety. Your task seems simple – to harvest carrots. But with every step you take, you realize that something sinister and inexplicable is happening here. As you immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of the game, you begin to notice strange shadows flickering at the periphery of your vision and hear frightening sounds coming from the depths of the night. Each harvested root vegetable brings you closer to solving the mystery hidden on this cursed farm.

Carrots and Cream
Carrots and Cream
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