Modified Mi Home by Vevs

Modified Mi Home by Vevs APK

UpdatedDecember 28, 2020
App NameModified Mi Home by Vevs
Latest Versionv5.9.19
OS VersionAndroid 4.1+

Modified Mi Home by Vevs — this is the same app for Xiaomi’s smart home, only with a better and more accurate translation of actions, conditions, and statuses.


  • Added translation of actions / conditions, partially statuses and cards for many devices(many thanks to Alex Kvazis for the collected data!). Some edits of the translation and layout of the interface;
  • To facilitate further translation, all data from the cloud is queried with English localization; plugins are also informed of the need to use English (as some of them use Chinese by default in the absence of the requested locale). The difference from the version from the forum is that I do not replace English localization with Russian (which would give the effect visually similar to the above), so that both languages remain available.
  • UPD: as more and more plug-ins are being translated by the manufacturer (although you can’t look at most of them without tears), the need to use English localization (see update from 14/01/18) is now reported only to those plug – ins where the default language is Chinese. I. e. all normal plug – ins will try to use the localization selected in the system, and the list of “especially gifted” – will be forced to use English (as it is not difficult to guess, Russian is still not in them);
  • Added the ability to collect various string data (statuses/actions / notifications and tokens) to a file on the memory card for their further translation (details in the article);
  • Changed the storage location of the plug-ins to allow their replacement without manual root. The solution differs from the one presented on the forum in that it uses not the root of the external drive, but the standard application folder on the external drive, i.e. “/sdcard/Android/data/com.xiaomi.smarthome / files”. This location allows you to delete the application by means of the system, and automatically delete the folder with the plug-ins (which seems right to me);
  • Restored the ability of scripts to disable themselves. I think that the manufacturer was too tired to deal with the curves of cyclically executed conditions, and just turned off this feature (albeit a little to the detriment of flexibility). Use wisely and carefully;
  • Removed useless in our latitudes and an eyesore condition on weather change in China;
  • Disabled most of the Chinese interface elements (store, recommended scenes, voice control, consumables, etc.), i.e. the application will look as if the selected region is different from mainland China. Briefly checked, like basic functionality was not injured, but require a “check by fight”. I wait for results in comments if it is necessary to someone at all;
  • Disabled voice control button and news banner in settings;
  • Disabled onscreen advertising and push notifications with it;
  • Disabled the new authorization page by phone number, by default the usual authorization via Mi-account opens;
  • Added color separation of cloud and on-premises scenarios: in the list of scenarios (except the list of child devices) the names of cloud will be displayed in dark blue;
  • Added display of device token in network properties, as well as display of script identifier (us_id) in its properties. The device token, script ID and user ID can be copied to the clipboard with a long tap.
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