Watch gameplay of the alpha version of Rainbow Six Mobile

The developers of Rainbow Six Mobile played their creation and posted 3 minutes of gameplay. For an alpha version, it looks good, but it has its drawbacks.

Rainbow Six Mobile is a team-based shooter that Ubisoft Montreal seems to be doing, but insiders are pointing the finger at the Chinese, or rather, Tencent. A public alpha test will take place in the coming weeks. Now let’s look at the gameplay, which was probably recorded by the developers themselves.

In fact, we get a more arcade version of Rainbow Six Siege, where 3 minutes are given for one round. Before that, operatives and militants must collect information about the enemy or put up barriers. Among the gadgets are sticky bombs, additional protection for the wall and, of course, a car with a camera. The graphics are already at the proper level, only square objects spoil the view. Well, the fattest minus is a huge flow of information both visually and through headphones or speakers. Your comrades comment on everything, even without voice chat, someone noticed the enemy, set a trap, reloads, and so on. Well, plus the models of comrades can be seen even through the walls.

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