Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaked, Looks Like Hyper Front

Riot Games is hosting a beta test for Valorant Mobile in China. Testers have already shared the forbidden gameplay.

First, NetEase Games released Hyper Front Mobile in China, then this project was called a clone of Valorant Mobile. Now, judging by the new trailer from the testers, the Riot Games game is exactly like Hyper Front – the same icons, control buttons and even the setting with a slight color difference. Perhaps we don’t know something, and Tencent or the same NetEase is responsible for mobile Valorant.

From the video it is clear that the scheme has remained the same – the players are divided into two teams in the “5 vs 5” format, after choosing a suitable hero. After the start of the match, 30 seconds are given to prepare and change controls; in this regard, Valorant Mobile takes inspiration from PUBG Mobile and similar mobile shooters. Only there are so many buttons on the screen that hardened cybercats will run their eyes wide. Already at this stage, the project supports voice chat, which can be cut off along with the microphone.

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10 months ago