Tencent will partner with Ubisoft on The Division Mobile

During the report on financial success, Tencent announced plans to receive 50% of the profits from global titles. One of them is a Ubisoft franchise.

The Division Mobile is a mysterious project about which there has been no new information for a long time. Now Tencent has announced that it is co-development of this title with Ubisoft. This year we are waiting for the announcement, when exactly is unknown. One way or another, the Chinese have titanic plans – to receive 50% of the profits from publishing games around the world; most of them will just be made in collaboration with Ubisoft.

Of the top franchises, Tencent highlights the following titles:

  • League of Legends – the game is in the top 3 on PC;
  • PUBG Mobile – the project is in the top 5 on smartphones;
  • The Clash franchise is also breaking records thanks to two projects, only Tencent doesn’t name names;
  • Valorant is #1 in streaming competitive tactical shooters on Twitch.

Of the new titles from Tencent, we expect Apex Legends Mobile, Avatar: Reckoning and others.

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