Streets of Rage 4 action game released on iOS, Android version should be available soon

The publisher DotEmu has released Streets of Rage 4 on iOS. The mobile port has its pluses and minuses, but the Android version is delayed a bit for some reason.

Streets of Rage 4 is an action game for multiple platforms, which today should be released on iOS and Android. On Android, however, pre-registration is still available. We expect that within a day Google will open access to Streets of Rage 4.

While the mobile version of Streets of Rage 4 has no multiplayer support, but the controller has been added – some gamers say that it is very difficult without it, as the developers poorly adapted menus and other interface elements for touch screens. If you want to plunge into the retro world of the SEGA Mega Drive times, you can start with this part. By the way, Streets of Rage 4 was made without the participation of SEGA, but for the development were responsible, among others, Ben Ficke (Wonder Boy) and Jordi Asensio (Streets of Fury).

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