Square Enix announces FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape

A Japanese publisher has announced the development of a mobile iteration of Front Mission. The game is in the early stages of development.

FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape is a mobile project on iOS and Android, although Square Enix still promises PC support. Pre-registration through the official site is available now (caution, it can take a long time to load); on it you’ll find a huge mech to explore. He’s a little bent, which hints at active participation in battles.

If you don’t know, Front Mission is a classic jRPG series, the first part of which was released in 1995. Probably FRONT MISSION 2089: Borderscape will also be in this genre. As for the global release, the trailer in English hints at it, although first we expect a release in Japan.

In the story, two superpowers will fight for control of an island, and in this conflict will be involved another group of mercenaries. Gamers are already regretting that this is a mobile mystery – it will have gacha elements and prayers for rare heroes or equipment.

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