Promo codes from the presentation of patch 2.6 for Genshin Impact

Publisher MiHoVerse made another presentation for Genshin Impact. This time it was patch 2.6 and promotional codes that are valid for a limited time.

The first thing the developers talked about was prayers. If you think that there are not enough boys in Genshin, then with the new patch everything will change – Ayato and Venti will be in the first prayer. In the second part of the update, you can knock out Ayako. Judging by the frames with Ayato’s abilities, he is a real samurai who makes a minimum of body movements and constantly takes the enemy out of the attack animation.


In addition, the players are waiting for the Rift and new enemies; the atmosphere in it is rather sad, there is almost no light, and the bosses have armor and a color palette to match the underworld with tons of minerals. By the way, in addition to Ayato, we will be offered a new storyline with Dinsleif, who was announced as a playable character back in 2020.

As for the events, the main event will be the “Herodori Festival”. With it, Genshin Impact will add several mini-games available in Inazuma: Poetry, Tower Defense, Ikebana, Mini-game with defense and counterattacks. They give free Xing Qiu as a gift.

Promo codes for Genshin Impact


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