Project Evo – the first mobile survival game on Unreal Engine 5

The developers of Project Evo, aka Project Spark, have released a new trailer and shared a link to the upcoming beta test.

Project Evo is the first mobile game that combines elements from survival games, as well as realistic graphics. Of course, it is made on the Unreal Engine 5, it’s even difficult to see working projects on PC and consoles, and modern Asian MMORPG still widely use Unreal Engine 4. Judging by the trailer, we’re given an open world, which should be explored for the presence of equipment and weapons; it’s useful when you face a real enemy.

The main task in Project Evo is to fight for certain Embers, aka Smoldering Embers. In their shape and appearance they resemble an alien device, which will allow you to survive, only zombie armies are reaching for it. You’ll probably be able to find out about the story during the beta test, for which an enrollment is open through the official website. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the platform – the developers only ask for email, and the Discord channel has zero information.

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