Genshin Impact with a new island and hero: Patch version 2.2

So the day of the launch of patch 2.2 in Genshin Impact has come. For technical work and bug fixes, developers will give players 600 Source Stones, and after entering the game, Travelers will find a new island of Inazuma — Tsurumi. It is shrouded in eternal fog and few people dare to go there. There is only one condition for the discovery of the island — to complete the task of the world Hunters for thunderstorms Seiraya.

There is also a new character in the game, 4-star Tom (Pyro). He carries a pole weapon, puts on a shield and gives buffs to allies. Next on the list is the Mosiri Kara dungeon; this is a mansion that was built in the midst of a sea of fog. Opening conditions: Adventure rank 40 and above. Primogems, Electro seals and other awards will be given for passing.

One of the events in the new Genshin Impact patch is “Labyrinth Warriors”. If you fulfill all the conditions, you can get the character Xin Yan for free.

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