First look at Rainbow Six Mobile – the game already looks good

Ubisoft has launched the alpha test of Rainbow Six Mobile, and YouTube is overflowing with gameplay videos. Judging by them, it will be the best team shooter.

Rainbow Six Mobile – new project from Ubisoft, in which players are divided into two teams in the “5 on 5”. Even now, during the alpha test, you can invite your friends in the lobby before finding the match. Except that it takes about a minute and a half to find a match; after that there are about 9 operatives to choose from, each of them choose in turn, as in the same League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Even now in Rainbow Six Mobile you can use special gadgets to spy on the enemy, it is available for both special forces and fighters. Players note the excellent control, but the graphics could be better, but it is hoped that the release it will be improved.

As for the level of difficulty, at the start of the game against you put bots. Only it is not clear how many matches it takes to be replaced by real players. A little tip for playing for fighters – first destroy the enemy’s gadget, and then set traps, traps and barricades. Well, keep an eye on the wooden walls – through them quietly destroy the enemies. And by the way, allies can be picked up if they have not been finished.

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