Diablo Immortal has an official release date

At a new presentation on Diablo Immortal, Vyat Cheng announced when to expect the global launch. It’s coming sooner than we thought.

Mark your calendars for June 2, because that’s the day Diablo Immortal will be released. Yes, earlier we thought the project will be launched at the end of June, that was the information on the App Store. It turns out that there will be no postponements, also it’s not a beta test and not a soft launch – Immortal will be available in almost all regions. Belarus and Russia can be crossed out of the list because of the world situation.

By the way, Diablo Immortal will also be available on PC, so the argument “You have phones” is no longer relevant. At the same time the game supports cross-progress and the ability to team up with friends on different platforms. And if you want to connect the controller to your device, it will be possible too.

The developers promise an advanced leveling system, plus the legendary items greatly influence your gaming style and skills. A total of eight different zones and biomes for farming legendary items will be available to us.

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