Battlefield Mobile has entered the alpha test stage on Android

Publisher Electronic Arts has launched the next Battlefield Mobile alpha test on smartphones. You’re invited, too.

Battlefield Mobile is a shooter that has already been launched several times in test mode; now it’s the same story. Of the platforms, we can only confirm Android. We already know that two new maps were added to Battlefield Mobile, one of them is made in the winter version.

It is still unclear how long the alpha test of Battlefield Mobile will last. At the start of the main menu, many elements are closed, for example, you can’t view the current items, look in the store, or see your battalion. Perhaps it’s something like guilds. As the player upgrades the rank and unlocks new types of weapons, in addition, the shooter will add a battle pass and the ability to create a squad with friends.

We expect EA to tighten up the graphics and reduce the load on your smartphone. Expect new gameplay and “updates from the field” regarding new features. For that, we recommend subscribing to this and other games.

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