Arena Breakout final beta test awaits, possible release date known

Arena Breakout is preparing for the ZBT with file deletions. The deadline for submission is May 12th.

Arena Breakout is a hardcore smartphone shooter that follows the Escape from Tarkov pattern. By following the link you can apply. Only you need a Chinese social network account to like and pre-register on the main Arena Breakout page. Servers will start on May 17th and after they close the game will have an official release in the Celestial Empire.

Arena Breakout Final Beta Test Awaits Possible Release Date Known

If you’ve already applied and participated in the previous Arena Breakout beta test, then the good news – the right to participate you have in your pocket and you do not need to apply again. The developers are promising brand new content, including a game mode “Siege Zone”, a new map “TV Station”, 9 types of firearms and so on.

As for the release date, the Chinese App Store has a date – July 26. It’s inconclusive, but if all goes well, the release on iOS and Android will be simultaneous.

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