iDinosaurAR-Extra APK

UpdatedDecember 23, 2021
App NameiDinosaurAR-Extra
Latest Versionv3.0.0
GenreBooks & Reference
DeveloperRed Frog Digital Limited
OS Version8.0+

iDinosaurAR-Extra is a companion app that complements the work of the iDinosaur guide. It requires access to the camera. Helps to better represent the real kind of dinosaurs using augmented reality. Unleash powerful animals and learn to interact with them. Make friends with these extinct creatures who momentarily returned to our world. Explore each of the available dinosaurs from any angle, learn how to control them using your smartphone. This is your best opportunity to take unique photos with your prehistoric pets. Don’t let them scare you, the dinosaurs can be put back in the drawer.
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